Demo Reel Editing

Let Casting Professionals Edit Your Demo Reel


Who watches the majority of demo reels?  Casting directors. 


So why trust your demo reel edit to a production house instead of a casting office? 


Let the casting professionals at Freihofer Casting edit your demo reel to make sure your product has what you want in mind:  the ability to catch the attention of  casting directors!


Bring us your video material as a digital file, a DVD or a VHS tape and we will edit and create your demo reel into a tight, engaging sample of your work.  Whether it is a 60-second sizzle reel with flashy cuts and fun music or a more traditional 3-5 minute demo reel of your work, the office can assemble and cut your material to your liking, then create titles and front and back-end music.


Once the edit is locked, we can then deliver your reel as either an mpeg or a quicktime that you can easily upload to your website, your agent’s websites, or onto your profiles on such casting websites as Casting Networks, Actors Access, Now Casting and more.


We can also create and master a DVD of your reel, complete with menu screens to play your other reels as well, link to your website, display your headshots, and anything you choose.


And then, we will keep a copy of your digital file in our records.  If you ever need to quickly drop in more material, it can be done in a snap, without requiring unnecessary assembly time.


Prices are a very competitive $50/hour.    

(Compare that rate to over $100/hour in Los Angeles and New York, and $75/hour or more in Dallas)


A free 30-minute consultation is provided in advance before we start work on your project.  In this consultation, we will determine what kind of reel you are looking for, understand how much material needs to be viewed, cut and assembled, and how you want it delivered.  We will then provide you with a final cost estimate before we go to work.


Most consultations require less than 30 minutes.  Our assembly team can make a quick assessment of how much time will be required to complete the project.   However, there can be very particular customers that require more time to explain their needs and will go overtime in the 30-minute consultation.  In that event, the hourly billing will apply, beginning on the 31st minute.


For more information, call Freihofer Casting at 405.321.3660.