Remote Audition Taping


Let Professionals Film Your Remote Audition


Do you have an audition for a project out of town and you need to go on tape as soon as possible?


Freihofer Casting can film your audition and deliver it to any casting office within minutes.  And it is all done to professional standards appreciated by casting directors nationwide.  Actors have booked roles on major feature film and network television projects by filming their auditions at the Freihofer Casting office.


We will film your slate to the specifications of the project, allow you to rehearse the audition prior to filming, then film the audition until you are satisfied with the take.  We will edit and deliver your audition to the casting department on any format you choose.  An mpeg or quicktime video can be created and emailed, or a DVD can be recorded and finalized all within minutes.


Cost:  $40 for a half-hour session (includes editing).  Most auditions are done within this time.  Additional half-hour is $35.


Coaching is also available, schedule permitting, with casting director Chris Freihofer.  Filming the audition with coaching, editing and delivery is $80.


Call 405.321.3660 to schedule an appointment.