September,  2015
Okalhoma Casting Director
John Sullivan, , producer
Nick Searcy, director
Starring Dean Cain, Sarah Jane Morris, Michael Beach, Earl Billings
Cast 42 principals and all extras
August,  2015
Casting Director
Kristofer McNeeley, Mike Leahy, Lori Leahy, producers
Blair Hayes, director
Starring Tara Buck, Beth Grant
Cast all principals and extras
June,  2015
Casting Director
Maura Anderson, Velinda Godfey, Todd Waring, Chris Freihofer , producers
Maura Anderson, director
Starring Velinda Godfrey, Laura Spencer, Beth Grant
Cast all local principals and extras
May, 2015
Casting Director
Mollie Milligan, Brian Fabian, Chris Freihofer, producers
Brett Bentman, director
Starring Judd Nelson, Lymari Nadal, Charles Baker, Linda Gehringer
Cast all principals 
April,  2015
Casting Director
Sean Patrick Eaton, Jaybe Holiday, Ty Dickson, producers
Keshav Tyagi, director
Cast all principals and extras
March, 2015
Casting Director
Jenny Gersten, producer
Francis Ford Coppola, director
Cast all roles in this experimental piece involving Live Cinema
February-March 2015
Oklahoma Casting Director
Lars Knudsen, producer
Andrea Arnold, director
Starring Shia Lebeouf
Cast all local principals and extras
November 2014
Casting Director
Tel Royal, Marco De Molina, Terry James, producers
Tel Royal, director
Starring Don Scribner, Daniel Kuhlman, Grace Montie
Cast principal roles.
October-November, 2014
Local Casting Director
Extras Casting Director
Charles Agron, Gary Adelman, Bob Perkis, Nathan Gardocki, producers
Harvey Lowry, director
Starring Charles Agron, Lauren Shaw, Brianna Evigan, Sam Clark
Cast local principal roles and all extras.
September, 2014
Local Casting Director
Paul Sirmons, producer
Nathan Frankowski, director
Starring O'orianka Kilcher, Graham Greene
Cast local principal roles.
June, 2014
Casting Director
Extras Casting Director
Mollie Milligan, Susana Gibb, Brian Fabian, Chris Freihofer, producers
Jon Keeyes, director
Starring Michael Ironside, Steven Michael Quezada, Paul Stuart, Velinda Godfrey
Cast all principal roles and all extras.
April 2014
Casting Director
Diane Fraher Liz Kraus, Gary Sharfin, producers
Diane Fraher, director
Starring Irene Bedard, Delanna Studi. Jon Proudstar
Cast all principal roles.
November, 2013
Local Casting Director
Extras Casting Director
Robert Scarff, Zachariah Sebastian, producers
Robinson Devor, director
Starring Michael Pitt, Charles Baker
Cast local principal roles and all extras.
October-November, 2013
Casting Director
Extras Casting Director
Eugene Mazzola, Jeff Gildberg, Brent Ryan Green, producers
Brent Ryan Green, director
Starring Serinda Swan, William Moseley, William Levy
Cast local principal roles and all extras.
July-August 2013
Casting Director
Extras Casting Director
Kathleen Mooney, Nathan Gardocki, Lance McDaniel, producers
Lance McDaniel, director
Starring Lymari Nadal, Patricia De Leon, Russell Wong, Steven Michael Quezada
Cast all principal roles and all extras.
April-May, 2013
Oklahoma Casting Director
Extras Casting Director
Keith Kjarval, Brad Greiner, William H. Macy, producers
William H. Macy, director
Starring Billy Crudup, Anton Yelchin, Selena Gomez, Laurence Fishburne, Felicity Huffman
Cast all local roles and all extras in this directorial debut by the award-winning actor.
Higher Mission   SAG
January, 2013
Oklahoma Casting Director
Extras Casting Director
Gray Frederickson, Peter Zhmutski, Nathan Gardocki, producers
Vladimir Uglichin, director
Starring Casper Van Diehn, Catherine Oxenberg, Victoria Summer
Cast all local roles and all extras in this 3-D Sci-Fi thriller
August:  Osage County   SAG
August-November, 2012
Oklahoma Casting Director
Extras Casting Director
Weinstein Company
Celia Costas, Jeane Doumanian, George Clooney, Grant Heslov, producers
John Wells, director
Starring Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Chris Cooper, Ewan McGregor
Cast all local roles and all extras in this film based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play.
September, 2012
Casting Director
Casey Twenter, Jeff Robison,directors
Starring Derek Phillips, Jason Wiles, Cameron Richardson
Cast all principals and extras in this thriller, winner of Best Narrative Feature at the L.A. Indie Fest


February, 2012
Oklahoma Casting Director
Warner Brothers
Eric Goodwin, Bill Johnson, Mike Garz, producers
John Whitesell, director
Starring Kevin Durant, Taylor Gray, Brandon T. Jackson
Cast four principal roles and over 500 extras in this family film.
September, 2011
Casting Director
Richard & Deborah Foster, producers
Ricahrd Foster, director
Starring Eric Roberts, Viveca A. Fox, Alexandra Ainsworth
Cast dozens of principal roles in this holiday family drama.
August, 2011
Local Casting Director
Carol Matthews, Tom Newman, producers
David Boyd, director
Starring Scott Elrod, Dorian Brown, Vivica A. Fox
Cast dozens of principals in this faith-based drama.
June-July, 2011
Local Casting Director
Extras Casting
Lance McDaniel, Sean Lynch, producers
Lance McDaniel, director
Starring Chris Kattan
Cast several principals and hundreds of extras in this family comedy.
May-July, 2011
Extras Casting
Additional Local Principal Casting
Manu Kumaran, David Hillary, producers
Nick Cassavetes, director
Starring Heather Wahlquist, Gena Rowlands, Melanie Griffith, Ray Liotta, Sienna Miller, Lucy Punch
Cast a few principal roles and hundreds of extras for the latest feature film by the acclaimed filmmaker.
April-May, 2011
Local Casting Director
Extras Casting
Ben Feingold, Jim Busfield, producers
Timothy Armstrong, director
Starring James Cromwell, Bailee Madison, Frankie Faison & Alicia Witt
Cast dozens of principal roles and hundreds of extras for the latest feature film by the acclaimed filmmaker.
August-November, 2010
Local Casting Director
Extras Casting
Sarah Green, Nicolas Gonda, producers
Terrence Malick, director
Cast dozens of principal roles and hundreds of extras for the latest feature film by the acclaimed filmmaker.
Doonby  SAG
June, 2010
Casting Director
Extras Casting
Wade Threadgill, Mike Mackenzie, Scott Bridges, producers, Mike Mackenzie,  director
starring John Schneider, Ernie Hudson, Joe Estevez
Cast 12 principal roles and over 700 extras for this feature film about a drifter in a small town that affects the lives of those around him.
January, 2010
Oklahoma Casting Director
Extras Casting Director
Paul Brown, director
Brooks Douglass, writer/producer
Starring Mike Vogel, Silas Weir Mitchell, Erin Chambers
Cast over a dozen principals and over 800 extras in this family picture about tragedy, loss, compassion and forgiveness.
October, 2009
Casting Director
Nick Lawrence, director
Rachel Tucker, writer/producer
Cast all principals in this heartwarming comedy created by USC Film graduates. 
March, 2009
Local Casting Director
Extras Casting
Chris Hanley, Brad Schlei, Andrew Eaton,  producers Michael Winterbottom, director
starring Casey Affleck, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba
Cast 12 principal roles and over 300 extras for the feature film from the director of "A Mighty Heart" and "A Cock and Bull Story".
September, 2008
Casting Director
Miles Hanon, Heather Olive,  producers
Miles Hanon, director
Cast all principal roles in this horror film about a man whio falls in love with his dead wife's sister, only to find out that an evil entity is using her to kill him.  
August/September, 2008
Casting Director
Extras Casting
Amy Briede, David Renneke, producers
King Hollis, director
Cast all 49 principal roles and 300+ extra roles in this feature film about famed child aviator Pearl Carter Scott in 1930s Oklahoma.
The Downwinders  
May, 2008
Casting Director
Extras Casting
Shawnee Brittan, producer
Lance Brittan, writer/director
Cast all 38 principal roles and all extras for this feature film about the Nevada (Nuclear) Test Site and the effects on those that lived "Downwind".
Barking Water    SAG
Febuary, 2008
Casting Director
Chad Burris, producer
Sterlin Harjo, writer/director
Cast additional principal roles in the feature film by Sundance award-winning director and producer.
Ivory   SAG
July, 2007
Extras Casting
Gray Frederickson, Amy Briede, producers
Andrew Chan, Director
--Cast over 600 extras for this feature film starring Travis Fimmel, Tim Draxl and Beau Garret, featuring Martin Landau and Peter Stormare.

Splinter SAG
June, 2007
Casting Director
Ted Kroeber, Producer
Toby Wilkins, Director
--Cast half of the principals in this film.

Four Sheets to the Wind SAG
April - May, 2006
Casting Director
Extras Casting
Ted Kroeber, Producer
Sterlin Harjo, Director
--Official selection Dramatic Competition, 2007 Sundance Film Festival
--Features Special Jury Award-winning performance by Tamara Podemski, also nominated as Best Supporting Actress for the 2008 Independent Spirit Awards

The Gray Man  formerly Wisteria: The Story of Albert Fish  SAG
February – June, 2005
Casting Director, Oklahoma
Extras Casting
Ravenwolf Films: Aaron Osborne, Erin Cochran, Brett J. Cranford, Producers
Scott Flynn, Director
--Cast 54 Principal actors and over 600 extras in this feature film about one of our nation’s top serial killers.
--Official selection, Dramatic Competition, 2007 Montreal Film Festival

Elizabethtown SAG
July-August, 2004
Location Casting, Oklahoma
Extras Casting, Oklahoma
Paramount Pictures Cameron Crowe, Tom Cruise, Donald J. Lee, Jr. & Paula Wagner, Producers
Cameron Crowe, Director
--Cast 4 Principal actors and over 120 extras during a three-day shoot in Oklahoma.

The Long, Hard Road to the Middle SAG
April - June, 2004
Casting Director
Extras Casting
Damn Good Entertainment
Jason London & Jeremy London, Directors
--Casting 29 principals was in progress when photography was placed on hold.

Spy Corps.
June, 2004
Casting Director
Extras Casting
Catalyst Pictures
Jonathan Baker, Director
--Cast 9 principals and 60 extras in this family film about a teenage spy.

Convicted   SAG formerly, Return To Sender 
January - March, 2004
Location Casting Assistant, USA
Extras Casting, USA

Millenium Films
Stephen Woolley, Michael Lunderskov, HelgeSten-Knudson, Producers
Bille August, Director
--Assisted in the casting of 20+ actors and was in charge of casting over 300 extras during the 3-week USA shoot in Oklahoma. Was very hands-on with the Academy Award-winning director in the film that starred Kelly Preston, Aidan Quinn and Connie Nielson.    
Funnel of Darkness”
Casting Director
Gaetano Crupi, Producer
Bradley Beesley, Director
IFC (Independent Film Channel)
May, 2009
--Cast 25 principals for this 6-episode web series tornado-chasing mockumentary airing on the website.
Extras Casting
Todd Roberts, Producer
Start Pictures
VS Channel (formerly OLN)   March, 2008
--Cast extras for this popular hunting series on VS.
“Dream No Little Dream: The Legacy of Robert S. Kerr”
Casting Director
Extras Casting
Gray Frederickson, Amy Briede, Producers
In association with The Oklahoma Centennial Project
Greg Mellott, director
OETA TV   August, 2007
--Cast 24 principals and over 75 extras in this re-enactment documentary about one of Oklahoma’s most prominent politicians.
"Saving Grace" Pilot Episode
TNT October, 2006
Oklahoma Extras Casting Director, Location Casting
20th Century Fox Television
Nancy Miller, Executive Producer
Holly Hunter, Producer
Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, Director
--Cast body doubles and extras for scenes shot in Oklahoma.

Days That Shook The World: The Oklahoma City Bombing
Casting Director
Extras Casting
Lion TV, London
BBC/The History Channel July, 2004
Claire Potter, Producer, Dan Clifton, Director
--Cast all principals and extras for this award-winning documentary re-enactment series from the BBC.

Investigating History: Ghengis Khan
Extras Casting
Bill Kurtis Productions, Chicago
The History Channel September, 2004
Alex Dawson, Producer
--Re-enactment documentary series that needed attacking Mongols in Muskogee, OK. (We’re not kidding)

Talent Recruiter, Oklahoma
VH-1 & MTV
Tom Calabrase, Producer
--Hidden camera reality series.


Sam's Club
Dick's Sporting Goods
American Clean Skies 
The ONE Campaign
John Deere 
National Cable & Telecommunications Association 
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control
Aladdin Bail Bonds
The Oklahoma Lottery
Vote Yes for California (featuring Gov. Arnold Swarzenegger) 
Taco Mayo
Kiowa Casino
Winstar World Casino
The Environmental Defense Fund
Chesapeake Energy
Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (O.E.R.B.)
The Oklahoma Redhawks
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Oklahoma
Integris Hospital
Rib Crib
St. Anthony's Hospital
The Oklahoma City Zoo
Georgia Dental Association
Time-Warner of Houston
Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E)
World Neighbors
Fly Fusion
Riverwind Casino
A Better Way Oklahoma (featuring Toby Keith, Nadia Comaneci, Barry Switzer & Bart Conner)
Harrah's Casino
OK State Department of Health
Downstream Casino Resort
Henkel's & McCoy
OU Outreach Center
Ohio Governor's Association
Choctaw Casino Resort
OU Medical Center
River Spirit Casino
Remington Park
Oklahoma City Community Foundation
The Oklahoma Department of Tourism
Spirit Bank
Deaconess Hospital
Oklahoma Highway Safety Commission
Honda of Central Oklahoma
Firelake Casino
Oklahoma Poultry Alliance
Oklahoma Tax Commission
Allied Custom Gypsum
Oklahoma Board of Regents
Oklahoma Central Credit Union
The University of Oklahoma College of Continuing Education
Cherokee Casino
Community Care (Tulsa)
Tulsa United Way
Home Creations
Association of Fraud Examiners
Oklahoma City YMCA
I-35 Auto Mall
Oklahoma Urology Clinic
Dealers Finance Company
Leisure Time RV
Oklahoma City Water Department
Advanced Academics

Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles
Jordan Associates, Oklahoma City

Ackerman McQueen, Oklahoma City
Brothers & Co., Tulsa
Littlefield Inc., Tulsa
Anonymous Content, Los Angeles
Rogue Films, London
Martino Flynn,  NYC
Joseph David Advertising, GA
Third Degree Advertising, Oklahoma City
Big Machine, Los Angeles
Red Stapler, Los Angeles
Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Scott Howell Company, Dallas
Kurtis Productions, Chicago
Lion TV, London
Big Lawn Films, Santa Monica
Stella Productions, Las Vegas
Pogo Pictures, Atlanta
HSI Productions, Los Angeles
Strategic Perception Inc., Los Angeles
Epoxy Films, Los Angeles
AFI Filmworks, Miami
Carey Melcher Productions, Los Angeles
Filmyard Productions, Albuquerque
Red Circle Agency, Minneapolis
Stone Core Films, Dallas
Opfer Communications, Springfield, MO
Visual Image, Oklahoma City
Start Pictures, Tulsa
Willie George Ministries, Tulsa
Garman Productions, Oklahoma City
Flying Colors, Tulsa
Concussion, Inc., Dallas
General Assembly Pictures, Los Angeles
Oklahoma Arts Institute Films, Oklahoma City
Liquid Media, Oklahoma City
Freestyle Productions, Oklahoma City
Spot Fimworks, Milwaukee