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  1. YOU PEOPLE - SAG Ultra Low Budget Feature Film

YOU PEOPLE - SAG Ultra Low Budget Feature Film

SAG-AFTRA Ultra Low Budget Agreement Feature Film


Feature Film
SAG-AFTRA Ultra Low Budget Agreement
Producers: Wendy Parker, Sha'ree Green, Casey Crowdis, Ty Dickson
Writer/Director: Laron Chapman
Casting Director: Chris Freihofer, CSA
Casting Associate: Tiffany Feese
Casting Assistants: Bethany Bourland, Chantel Johnson
Start Date: 01/02/2017 (3 weeks)
Audition Date(s): TBD, late November
Shoot Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Rate of Pay:
       SAG-AFTRA members: ULB Scale.
       Non-members: $75/day
All roles local hire. Travel, hotel and per diem will NOT be provided.

Submission Deadline: 11/16/2016


A satirical comedy about contemporary stereotypes, chronicling the life of an adopted, white-washed, African-American youth who has a crisis of ethnic identity while growing up in white suburbia with his Caucasian family and his urban culture-obsessed, white best friend.



 [CHAD] 19 to 25 years old, African American male. Adopted by a Caucasian family, he is preppy, nerdy, cultured, listens to rock/country/alternative music. He is charismatic, has a sense of humor, but a vulnerability in tense situations.

[MICHAEL] 19 to 25 years old, Caucasian male. Chad's best friend. Urban Culture-Obsessed, suffers from substance abuse, but he is very charismatic and very funny. Major Supporting.

[DEVIN] 19 to 30 years old, all ethnicities male. Very flamboyant, openly gay (when comfortable with this surroundings), very witty but also very vulnerable. He often plays cupid for his straight friends. SUPPORTING

[BARBARA] 42 to 56 years old, Caucasian female. Chad's adopted mother. She is strong, bold sophisticated and very loving. She is also very protective of her own. SUPPORTING

[CHRIS] 42 to 56 years old, Caucasian male. Chad's adopted father. He is strong, attractive,, high-spirited and very witty. Everybody loves this guy. SUPPORTING

[AMBER] 19 to 25 years old, Caucasian female. Chad's friend, involved with a guy that's not great for her. She is attractive, genuine, wise, sympathetic and very independent. SUPPORTING

[JASMINE] 40 to 55 years old, African American female. Chad's birth mother who surprises her son after a 21-year absence. She is strong and sincere but is disheveled, flustered and mournful of her decision so many years ago. FEATURED.

[AUNT RUTH] 45 to 60 years old, African American female. Chad's biological aunt. She is obnoxious, boisterous, confrontational and nosey. She interrogates her nephew at the dinner table and tensions are high. FEATURED

[DR, BAKER] 40 to 60 years old, all ethnicities female. She is Chad's sociology professor and introduces a provocative social experiment to her class. She is a pensive, philosophical liberal. FEATURED.

[MARGARET] 35 to 55 years old, all ethnicities female. She is a spunky, OCD lesbian. She and her romantic partner find a half-naked Chad in their kitchen and mistake him for a burglar. FEATURED.

[HAROLD] 19 to 30 years old, Asian male. He is a sexually-ambiguous social butterfly. A free spirit, always adaptive to his surroundings. FEATURED

[ALLEN] 45 to 60 years old, Caucasian male. Allen is drunken mess, passed out on the living room floor. When his son Luke attempts to help him to his bed, he physically and emotionally assaults him. FEATURED

[OFFICER JORDAN] 38 to 50 years old, Caucasian male. After a routine traffic stop, Officer Jordan has a heated exchange with Chad after racially profiling him. FEATURED


Failure to follow the instructions will likely result in your submission being lost, mis-filed or accidentally deleted.
If you have a talent agent, please make them aware of your interest in the project so they can submit you on Breakdown Express.
-Email headshot and acting resume (or any acting experience) to the casting office email below.
- Include all contact information including NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS and CITY of residence. 
-Make the subject heading of your email YOU PEOPLE - (Name of Role).  No other subject headings will be seen. Example:  YOU PEOPLE - Chad or YOU PEOPLE - Allen
-Send the email to  (If you do not send to the email address listed, your submission WILL NOT BE SEEN)
-If you are selected to audition for the project, you will be notified by email and phone call.  Check emails regularly and allow the email address in your address book.
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