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Western Feature Film Looking for Muscogee-Language Speaking Individuals 

Open Call to be Held in Okmulgee, November 14

Muscogee language-speaking individuals with horse-riding abilities are needed to appear in the western feature film HELL ON THE BORDER, shooting soon in Oklahoma. Casting directors will hold an open call in Okmulgee for adults looking to appear in the film.  No acting experience is necessary.

The open call will be held in SC Room 106 at the College of the Muscogee Nation  from 4:00-7:00 pm Wednesday, November 14.  No appointment is necessary. The college is located at 2170 Raven Cir, Okmulgee, OK.

HELL ON THE BORDER tells the story of Bass Reeves, the first black U.S. Marshal. Set in 1875, when an illiterate former slave, Bass Reeves, decides to become a law man, he must prove his worth by accepting an assignment that no other marshal will: tracking and capturing and/or killing, Bob Dozier, the most dangerous outlaw in the Indian Territory. Along with him on this journey is Charlie Storm, who is working to earn a pardon instead of facing federal time in Detroit. Together these men must learn to rely on the other to survive...and not kill each other along the way.

The film is written and directed by Wes Miller and produced by Sasha YelaunMonty Ross and Curtis Nichouls. The film stars David Gyasi as Bass Reeves, Frank Grillo as Bob Dozier, Angus MacFadyen as Deputy Marshal Jim Bruce and Ron Perlman as Charlie Storm.

​Casting director Chris Freihofer, a graduate of Okmulgee High School, will run the open casting call with associate Jenn Rader. They are looking for Native people to fill the following roles in the film:


[RUFUS BUCK] Native American male, 20s. Avenging the death of his brother. MUST BE FLUENT IN MUSCOGEE CREEK LANGUAGE. Must be able to right a horse and be comfortable with firearms. 1 scene 6 lines.

[INDIAN ON HORSE] Native American male, 21-40. Part of an Indian outlaw gang. He asks Bass to identify himself and state his business on the land. MUST BE ABLE TO RIDE A HORSE. 1 scene 4 lines.

[INDIAN OUTLAW 2] Native American male, 40s. Avenging the death of his nephew. MUST BE FLUENT IN MUSCOGEE CREEK LANGUAGE. Must be able to ride a horse. 1 Scene 5 lines.


If cast in one of these roles, persons will be paid $335/day. The roles film for one day. The film shoots from November 26-December 21.

At the open call, individuals will fill out a brief contact form, and will be interviewed on camera. They will be given a sentence or two to say in the Muscogee Creek language, and will be asked if they have any horse riding experience.

The film also will be looking for Native American extras, non-speaking roles in the film.