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Freihofer Casting is not a talent agent. We are an independent casting director. We are hired by producers and advertising agencies to help find the cast for their projects, utilizing the client lists of bona fide talent agents in the area. Therefore, we do not have a talent roster of our own. There is nothing to join with us and we do not directly pay actors. To work in the industry,  you will need to be listed with a legitimate talent agent.

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Classes & Workshops

Chris Freihofer has worked professionally, and still continues to work, as an actor on feature film, network television, national and regional commercials and regional theatre. Since 1996, he has helped train actors to improve their craft, seeing several students go on to appear in feature film, network television and commercials. Freihofer is one of the leading teachers of the industry in Oklahoma and the Midwest.

When schedule permits, Freihofer offers day-long, weekend and limited weekly classes and workshops covering a variety of topics for the professional actor.

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To get started as an actor, you will need headshots.  While there are a variety of quality, reputable headshot photographers that visit the Oklahoma and Texas area from Los Angeles, we at Freihofer Casting happen to be very good friends with Los Angeles photographer Jeffrey Nichsolon of The Shot Photography.  There.  We said it.  We're partial.  He's just a great guy and a great photographer.  In fact, he did all of the shots of our team on the Meet the Staff page.  For more information on his visits to Oklahoma, click on the The Shot Photography tab.