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THE PALE DOOR - SAG-AFTRA Feature Film - OKC, OK - Aaron B. Koontz, dir. Pepping

THE ADVENTURES OF A.R.I. - THE ROBOT PET - Feature Film -  Now Casting

HELL ON THE BORDER - SAG-AFTRA Feature Film - Alabama - Wes Miller, dir. - Wrapped

ALL TERRAIN - SAG-AFTRA Feature Film - OKC, Oklahoma - Ross Otterman, pro. - Oklahoma - Wrapped

Our Services


 Freihofer Casting is a full-time, full-service casting office, helping producers, directors and ad agencies find exactly the right actors for their projects. 

We are conveniently located in central Oklahoma, but we have agency contacts, professional relationships and casting experience from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, and from the Gulf of Mexico to…well, whatever body of water separates Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Whether your project is a big-budget studio motion picture, a national commercial, or even a local video industrial, no job is too big or too small. (Okay, yeah, there are jobs that are too small, but if you are writing a check….) Our mission is to make your casting worries go away!
We have great relationships with top-tier talent agents in Oklahoma, as well as in the cities of Dallas, Austin, Houston, Nashville, New Orleans, Shreveport, Little Rock, Kansas City, St. Louis, Wichita and Albuquerque, and have experience casting actors all over Los Angeles.  
Freihofer Casting has experience working on both union and non-union projects, and we have a full understanding of, and experience working on, all Screen Actors Guild agreements.  
Of course we have loads of experience in Oklahoma, but our office is totally mobile. We have packed up and taken our show on the road on several occasions by plane or by car, so we can cast your project virtually anywhere. So far, we have cast projects in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee and California, but we are happy to travel wherever you need us. Just produce it, and we will come!
Most importantly, we have an impeccable reputation industry-wide, and we find it vitally important to keep our brand image professional, squeaky-clean and free of controversy. In an industry full of scams and shysters, nothing is more crucial.
Click through the site and get to know us.  We’re good people. Our moms tell us so. 
And then give us a call for a quote. 
We’d like to get to know you, too!

For a listing of technical services, click on the “Facilities” tab. Anything in our office can also be offered on the road.


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