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OVEREXPOSED - SAG AFTRA Feature Film - OKC, Oklahoma -Conor Allyn, dir.  - Prepping

YOU PEOPLE - SAG AFTRA Feature Film - OKC, Oklahoma - Laron Chapman, dir.  - Accepting submissions

WILDLIFE - SAG AFTRA Feature Film - Enid, Oklahoma - Paul Dano, dir.  - Now Filming

STARBRIGHT - SAG AFTRA Feature Film - Bartlesville, Oklahoma - Francesco Lucente, dir.  - Now Filming

ROAD LESS TRAVELED - SAG AFTRA Feature Film - Knoxville, TN - Blair Hayes, dir.  - Wrapped

CHILDREN OF THE CORN: RUNAWAY- SAG-AFTRA Feature Film - OKC, OK- John Gulager, dir. - Wrapped

HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT - SAG-AFTRA Feature Film - OKC, OK- Gary. J. Tunnicliffe, dir. - Wrapped


Chris Freihofer is the only CSA Casting Director in Oklahoma

"You delivered an A cast.
I can't wait to hire you again."

--Kristofer McNeeley, Executive Producer
MarVista Entertainment's "Great Plains"

 "I would highly recommend Chris
to any production. 
He is a tireless worker
with the company's interests
at the forefront of his mind."

                     --Matthew J. Birch, Production Supervisor
                 Paramount Pictures' "Elizabethtown"